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Happy Place is an insurance brand with a difference. Our UK based team are caravanning and insurance experts, so we’re able to provide a specialist policy with protection for everything unique to caravanning.

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From 1992 most caravans in the UK were sold with a 17 digit CRiS number etched onto windows as well as a VIN or chassis number on the A frame or by the door.

From 2016 window etchings were replaced by tamper proof VIN Chip stickers placed on the inside of caravan windows and inside gas lockers.

For most UK caravans CRiS numbers begin with the letters ‘SG’.

Touring caravans manufactured before 1992 should have a plate on the A Frame or by the door – this should give the VIN or chassis number.

Folding campers and trailer tents should have a chassis number on the A frame also.

If you don’t know the market or new for old value of your caravan please contact us as we may be able to help get you a figure.

As a minimum we require a wheel clamp and hitchlock to be fitted when the caravan is left unattended and detached from the tow vehicle. Of course you wouldn’t need to fit this security when you were just stopping at a motorway services.

An axle wheel lock is accepted in lieu of a wheel clamp.

For some higher risk caravans we may require additional security such as axle wheel locks, alarms or Happy Place approved tracking devices.

Absolutely, just make sure you’ve added the value of your motor mover into your caravan equipment sum insured.

If your caravan is insured on a new for old basis and your caravan is stolen or written off we’ll replace your insured caravan with a brand new equivalent model. To take cover on a new for old basis you’ll need to insure your caravan at the value it would cost to replace with a new equivalent.

If you take cover on a market value basis and your touring caravan is stolen or damaged beyond economic repair we’ll pay to replace it with a model of equivalent value, or pay out your caravan’s current market value. As you pay a premium against the caravan’s current value, premiums are generally cheaper than if you took cover on a new for old basis.

Caravan insurance is not a legal requirement. Your car insurance will cover any damage caused to third party property whilst the caravan is been towed, however, a car insurance policy would not pay to repair any damage to your caravan or buy a replacement if your caravan was stolen. Specialist caravan insurance like that offered by Happy Place gives your caravan cover for accidental damage, theft, stormy weather or flooding.

Personal possessions are things you’d take from home on your caravanning trips. This might include clothing, toiletries and bedding. We can cover these items for touring caravan owners, but not for trailer tent and folding camper owners. Before adding such items to your caravan policy, check your home contents insurance to see if that covers you to take such items on your caravanning holidays.

Personal possessions worth over £300 and high risk items such as jewellery and tablets cannot be covered on this policy.

Any items that are specifically used for the caravan are classed as caravan equipment. Examples include cutlery and crockery, televisions that you keep in your caravan, and specialist caravan accessories like awnings, aqua rolls, waste masters, motor movers and security devices. Make sure you add an adequate insured sum for caravan equipment to your policy so that all items are covered.

We will accept any Thatcham Category 6 or 7 approved tracking device. We also accept the Custodia Systems ApelloGEO and Club Secure System, as well as the Outsmart the Thief Defender. To check if your tracking device is Thatcham approved please use this link and search by “Product manufacturer”.

Most owners store their caravans either on their home driveway or in a secure storage facility when not touring.

If your caravan is of higher value we may stipulate certain storage security levels. At home that could include a permanently locked barrier such as a drivepost or in a storage site we may look for features such as access control, perimeter fencing and CCTV.

If you’ve selected a caravan and equipment sum insured of less than £7,500, we may be able to insure it when kept on the road outside your house or inside a residential car park. We are unable to insure caravans stored away from home in open fields.

Dial our claims helpline number on 01422 861 828 and we will take care of the rest.

The claims helpline number and further information is detailed in your touring caravan insurance policy booklet.

Unfortunately we can’t insure a caravan that is stored outside the UK. We can of course provide cover for UK caravanners to take their caravans on holiday abroad.

You can pay for your policy in full using a debit or credit card. We also can offer an option to pay monthly by Direct Debit.