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What do I need to get a caravan insurance quote?

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It’s really not too complicated to get a caravan insurance quote, just make sure you’ve got the following to hand:

• The caravan make, model and berths, e.g. Bailey Phoenix 420, two berth.
• The new or used value of your caravan and its equipment. Equipment values soon add up so make a list of all your equipment and calculate it to make sure you set the insured value sufficiently. You don’t want to underinsure. Our Advisers will help you check the value of your caravan if needed.
• Storage location address and the details of security features in place there.
• Caravan security devices. What do you plan to fit and find out what your caravan has as standard. Does it have the AL-KO Secure receiver and lock? Does it have a tracking device you could subscribe to?
• Caravan safety devices. Does it have the AL-KO ATC electronic anti-snaking (you’ll see the ATC logo and LED indicator on your caravan A Frame cover) or perhaps a reversing camera or tyre pressure monitoring system?
• When you plan your caravan cover to start (usually your pick-up date)?

If going on cover you’ll need to supply the caravan’s CRiS number or VIN number. This is usually on a window sticker or etched onto your caravan window and has 17 digits.